Prasanna Chintapalli

Prasanna Chintapalli has a basic science background and earned her PhD in Plant Sciences (Tissue Culture and Regeneration). At Rare Genomics Institute (RG), she is the Project Manager, Special Launch projects and Digital Marketing, with the Marketing and Communications team, contributing to multiple cross-functional projects. As the Scientific Communications Specialist she writes copy, edits, reviews, and publishes rare disease blog posts, scientific feature articles, and other company related news and events on the company website; liaised with internal members as well as external vendors on multiple projects; worked as co-lead for Hailey-Hailey Disease project with the Rare Disease Task Force team; identified and liaised with patient advocacy team and contract research organization for possible collaboration on a clinical trial. Outside of RG, she works as a freelance AMA Editor/Proofreader for pharmaceutical Managed Markets agencies working on a broad range of promotional and educational materials for physicians, patients, sales representatives, payer communities, and managed care audiences.