Jimmy Lin

Founder President

Cheng-Ho Jimmy Lin, MD, PhD, MHS, is Founder & President of Rare Genomics Institute, the world's first platform to enable any community to leverage cutting- edge biotechnology to advance understanding of any rare disease. Partnering with top medical institutions, Rare Genomics helps custom design personalized research projects for rare diseases.

Dr. Lin is also the Chief Scientific Officer, Oncology at Natera. Prior to this, he led the computational analysis of the first ever exome sequencing studies of cancer at Johns Hopkins and the Director of Clinical Genomics at the Genetics Branch of the National Institute of Health/National Cancer Institute (NIH/NCI), where he leads a team to create a clinical genomics program within the intramural program. He has numerous publications in Science, Nature, Cell, Nature Genetics, and Nature Biotechnology, and has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, TIME, and the Huffington Post. He is a 2012 TED Fellow and 2016 Senior TED Fellow.


Joe Beery


Hugh Reinhoff

Dr. Rienhoff is a San Francisco Bay area clinical scientist and entrepreneur. He was a founding director of Healtheon/WebMD (HLTH) and Aurora Biosciences (ABSC). In 1998 he founded DNA Sciences (originally Kiva Genetics) and served as its Chairman and CEO. Dr. Rienhoff founded and was Chief Executive Officer of FerroKin BioSciences from 2007 until its acquisition by Shire Pharmaceuticals in 2012. Dr. Rienhoff founded and is Chief Executive Officer of Imago BioSciences, a clinical stage company focused on hematologic diseases.

Dr. Rienhoff trained in mathematics, medicine, and genetics at Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington. He received a Doctor of Medicine degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and English Literature from Williams College.


Romina Ortiz

VP Policy & Patient Advocacy


Imran Babar

VP, Scientific Affairs