A Rare Genomics Institute Initiative

RG RareWear is a new initiative hosted by RG to connect medical device companies to the rare disease patient community. This program aims to provide rare disease patients with the latest available medical technology to monitor and manage their condition, while mutually benefiting the sponsoring company by introducing their technology to a highly motivated and in-need population. We are looking for partnerships with companies that can sponsor technology for our patients and in return receive numerous benefits, including:

  • Access to Rare Market

  • Positive PR

  • Active Product Marketing

  • Diversified Device Users

  • Customized Patient and Market Insights

  • Potential Clinical Trial Participants

Previous Success & Growth


To date we have helped more than 250 rare disease families, and 600+ individual patients with over $3.5M worth of next generation genome sequencing.


Rare Genomics has experienced great success and raised more than $2M since 2012 with partnership programs such as our annual BeHeard Science Challenge.


In 2017 alone, over $750,000 in funds were raised to support 23 rare disease studies globally.


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