VanBrocklin family finds answers with WGS provided by iHope Program

Los Angeles, C.A. February 28, 2017.  Rare Genomics Institute (RG) is happy to share the story of the VanBrocklins, a family from Wisconsin that received free clinical whole genome sequencing through RG as part of its iHope program in collaboration with Illumina, Inc.

“It is our hope that more support is given for undiagnosed children, so that they may receive the treatments and care that they have desperately needed throughout the years” says Romina Ortiz, Chief Operating Officer of Rare Genomics Institute.

Through this test, both children who had experienced developmental and chronic joint symptoms received answers in their diagnostic journey. The family first turned to Rare Genomics in August of 2016 and were accepted in the iHope program by its launch in December. Their genetics team at the Medical College of Wisconsin is now able to continue to support this family, guiding them to further clinical care tailored to their genetic results. Both children are able to receive further treatments and therapies that they otherwise would not have received without the results or diagnosis. To view their story, visit the Rare Genomics Youtube channel.

"Now we know, we have solid evidence. It’s not just based off different tests, we have something that is directly related to him and it’s helped him dramatically. Now that we know what is with our daughter, which routes we need to go. Thank you, I can’t say it enough.”

-Jonathan VanBrocklin, father

Please visit the iHope site at to learn more about this opportunity. There are limited number of tests available and eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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