Rare Genomics model presented at Paris Assembly

Dr. Jimmy Lin, Rare Genomics Institute (RG) President, spoke at the 2015 Paris Assembly that took place April 16-18 at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, France. Dr. Lin presented to an audience comprising of scientists, entrepreneurs, and government personnel coming together on the theme “Connecting Open Research, Open Education and Open Social Impact”.

Dr. Lin focused upon RG’s functioning role as the first, and one and only, non-profit organization that connects rare disease patients to doctors and resources through unique crowdsourcing and crowdfunding mechanisms and platforms. He also elaborated on how this leads to the empowerment of rare disease patients to pursue their very own personalized research projects that may ultimately lead to a therapy or even a cure. Follow the links to learn more about RG’s current initiatives such as BeHEARD, (advancing rare disease research), and Amplify Hope (currently recruiting rare disease patients to train them in crowdfunding techniques, thereby, enabling them to finance their genome sequencing costs).

May 18, 2015