RGI Selected as Good St. Featured Charity

Good St. is a non-profit where members pledge to give a small amount (as little as 25¢) to one of two different featured charities every day. Recently, Good St.’s cause of the day was Rare Diseases, and RGI was selected as one of their two featured charities. In total, Good St. members donated $56.12 to RGI.  Individual donations like those through Good St. are vital to helping the causes of our patients. Many of our patients, with crowdfunding, have funded genetic sequencing through multiple donations of $1, $5, or $10, sometimes from complete strangers! You can see the profiles of patients that are currently trying to fundraise for sequencing on our Patient Donations page.

RGI would like to give a big thank you to Good St for their generous donation! For more information on Good St., you can check out their website at www.goodst.org.

March 17, 2015