RG Speaks at Partnering for Cures Conference

On November 3, Imran Babar, VP of Scientific Affairs at RG, participated in a panel at the Partnering for Cures Conference, called Disruptor’s Academy: Crafting a high-impact prize challenge: lessons from the field. Imran spoke about the success RG has had in partnering with companies to offer prizes for rare disease research that has difficulty attracting traditional sources of funding. 

Specifically, Imran discussed the design of the BeHEARD challenge, which has awarded over $1 million in sponsored technology and services. He also commented on which metrics were emphasized during each iteration of the challenge and noted how willing both sponsors and researchers were to participate in the competition. He was joined by Alph Bingham, Founder and Board Member of Innocentive; Sridaran Natesan, VP of Strategic Initiatives and Science relations (North America) at Sanofi; and Sara Shnider, Executive Director of Prize4Life.

 You can watch below