Providing families around the world access to cutting-edge solutions.

Rare Genomics Institute knows no borders; our work that goes into creating a hope for a cure, extends the world over.  How is that possible? With the help of the RG international team and our constituents globally. We have a team of international specialists working to build alliances and bring awareness, that we are here to take part in creating that hope in your specific corner of the world.

International Vision

Our International Team spreads the RG Mission globally; providing families around the world access to cutting-edge research technologies, physicians and scientists in order to improve clinical outcomes and advance the understanding of rare diseases. A strong approach towards understanding rare diseases, is to make information less rare.

RG’s International Team seeks to create a collaborative International Network in Rare Diseases through partnerships across the globe.

Rare Genomics Global Alliance Partner Program

Our international vision goes one step further by reaching out and establishing international connections with patient groups, foreign governments, academic institutes, corporate entities and other organizations that share the vision of the Rare Genomics Mission.  We accomplish that through a combination of ongoing outreach, participating in our Global Alliance Partner program, and building communication bridges.

Rare Genomics Institute currently has partners in the following countries and regions throughout the world:


  • China

  • South Korea

  • Japan

South East Asia:

  • India


  • Canada

Europe and Rest of World:

  • Israel

Our strategic goal in 2019 is to add new partners to our Global Alliance Partner program.  As we start this new year, we are actively seeking partners to help carry out our vision. When we work together, we are one step closer to finding a cure.

Benefits of the Global Alliance Partner Program

By becoming a Global Alliance Partner, you get access to:

  • Social media & e-newsletter promotion

  • Advocacy and organizational mentorship

  • Educational materials

  • Rare disease podcasts

  • Subscription to the RG e-newsletter

  • Broader awareness of the rare disease community in your country or region

  • Access to RG resources and programs

Get in touch with our Team

If you are interested in learning more about the Rare Genomics Institutes International Team or becoming a Global Alliance Partner, please contact us >

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