Providing families around the world access to cutting-edge solutions.

The Rare Genomic Institutes International Division spreads the RG Mission globally; providing families around the world access to cutting-edge research technologies, physicians and scientists in order to improve clinical outcomes and advance an understanding of rare diseases.

A strong approach towards understanding rare disease, is to make information less rare.

By taking a global approach to rare disease, and seeking out patients without geographical restrictions, we can identify more individuals with rare diseases. Pooling both clinical and genomic data into a single resource creates a unique tool of great scientific utility and value; supporting both the RG Mission and most importantly the families. Using a collective analytical approach to information provided a few individuals with a particular rare disease, we can help realize a more complete understanding of a condition.

RG’s International Team seeks to create a collaborative International Network in Rare Disease through partnerships across the globe as well those already established in the United States.

Our goal is to establish international connections with foreign governments, academic institutes, corporate entities and other organizations that share the vision of the Rare Genomics Mission, pushing towards the creation and expansion of an International Network in Rare Disease.

RG Already on the Map Internationally

RG has extended its reach to patients outside the US. We have received international applications from Israel, India, UK, Canada, Venezuela, China, Chile, Iceland, Russia, Portugal, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, Australia, and Malaysia. Over 48% of the international applications originate from Israel (24%), India (12%), and the UK (12%).
In addition, we have teams and sites in many countries overseas including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Israel, Australia, and Spain.

Becoming a Rare Disease Institute Affiliate

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